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The 6 Golem attack strategy is a very effective strategy to 3-star th10 and sometimes th11 bases. It makes every ring base very simple for you to clear, and doesnt require very high levels of heroes.

What is a Ring Base?

On ring bases, the walls create 3 or 4 layers of buildings in a ring shape. Like rings on a tree stump. The layers alternate between defensive buildings and non-defensive buildings. These bases are designed this way to try and confuse your golems. Since golems will go from defensive buildings to the next closest defensive building, they will just walk around the ring if you do not attack the base correctly.

6 Golem TH10 TH11 3 Star Attack Composition

This guide will help ease your frustration when you are going against ring bases at th10 or th11, and should help you get some 3-star attacks in war.

What Troops/Spells do I bring?

6 Golem TH10 TH11 3 Star Attac Troop Composition

Troops – 5 golems / 1 pekka/ 16 wizards/1 archer

This composition is assuming that you have max level of golems and preferably max level of PEKKAs. Heros levels are not that important, as the heroes are only support for your golems. We will hold the 1 archer until the end of the battle to clean up an extra destruction % if we need it.

Clan Castle – 1 golem / 1 wiz/ 1 arch/1 earthquake

You can play around with how you break down your army with Clan Castle. If you don’t have max pekka then you can ask your teammates to donate you one, and then you can train 6 golems instead 5 in your own. Best practice is to put whatever troop that you do not have at max level into your CC, as your team can donate a max level version of the unit for you. As for spell, I ask for one earthquake so that I can create 3 on my own, which giving me advantage to bring 4 elixir spells in addition to earthquake.

Spells– 3 jumps/ 1 rage/ 3 earthquakes

Level 3 jump is not necessary, but you will need at least level 2. Level 1 jump is way too short and will not work. The 1 rage is for your kill squad to get into the middle quicker and take down enemy town hall. Earthquakes are to open the core layer and hopefully damage some high damage or health buildings.

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How do I Attack with the 6 Golem Strategy?

Before you go into battle, you should be studying the enemy war base. You want to take note of where both of the heroes and the Clan Castle are located, because they can have a big impact on the path that your troops take.

How do I Prepare for this Attack?

6 Golem TH10 TH11 3 Star Attack Composition

I am not bringing a poison spell with this strategy, so I always want to send my attack from the side that houses the enemy Clan Castle. I will attack from this side so that my troops can kill whatever is protecting their clan castle before we reach the Inferno Towers. Having the King located next to the enemy Clan Castle is a bonus for us on this base because our troops can take him out at the same time as the enemy Clan Castle troops.

Where do I Place my Troops?

6 Golem TH10 TH11 3 Star Attack Composition

When you are facing ring base layouts, you will be following the same principles as you are when you are funneling on any other attack. However with ring bases, you will be funneling on a much larger scale.

You will place 2 Golems and 4 Wizards on the spots labeled 1 and 2 on the map. You will then wait about 4-5 seconds to give these teams time to clear the edges.

Once the edges are cleared a little bit, you will drop your final 2 golems at the spot labeled 3 on the map. You will then be deploying 6 wizards, your heroes, and your PEKKA on the same spot (3). Your PEKKA has one job and one job only, which is getting to the core and destroying the enemy Town Hall.

I usually like to save 2 wizards and the archer until the battle unfolds a little bit, and deploy them later in the battle to help clear defenses on the back end.

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6 Golem TH10 TH11 3 Star Attack Composition

Earthquakes – with 3 of your own spells and 1 from donation, you can destroy any lvl of walls. You just have to make sure where the best spot is to open a hole for your troops. Earthquake range is 4 tiles, so in this case you have to be very precise about dropping them at the same place to make sure all walls you wanted are opened. Best practice is to zoom in as far as possible when you are placing your earthquakes, so that you have a larger margin of error on placement.

Jumps– You will drop the first 2 jump spells on the corners (white circles) following your golem and wizard team deployment at the #1 and #2 locations on the map. Once these teams are in, you will place the third jump (white circle) down the center. You can use Wall Breakers instead of the third jump for the main attack force in some situations, but it is much safer just using the jump. With wall breakers you might run into traps or teslas that will completely mess up your attack. If you know that there are no traps or splash damage that will kill the wall breakers, you can take another Rage or Freeze spell with 2 Jumps.

Rage – The Rage spell will be used to buff up your kill squad (especially PEKKA) once they get close to the core of the base. If your troop deployment goes as planned, your PEKKA and King will path into the core and attack the enemy Town Hall, while the Golems, Wizards, and Archer Queen will walk around and clear the rings of defenses.

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King – The King has the same role that the PEKKA has. They are dedicated to getting into the core and destroying the Town Hall. I like to use his skill as soon as he reaches the core and starts targeting important buildings such as the Town Hall and Inferno Towers.

Queen – The queen skill I always try and save until she is at about 20% life and towers are targeting her. When the skill is used she will vanish and the towers will stop attacking her.

Warden– We have a Warden level 5 on this account, but he really isn’t necessary to pull off this attack. You can do perfectly fine as a TH10. If you do have a Warden, use his skill once your troops are reaching the core. Another good practice for him is to use the ability once you see a Giant Bomb pop up near your groups of Wizards, as the skill will save their lives.


This 6 Golem attack strategy gives you a good chance to 3-star any TH10 or TH11 ring base. You will just need to have good deployment of your troops, then you can sit back and watch the battle unfold. After some practice, ring bases will be your favorite targets to hit because this strategy makes them so easy.

6 Golem Th 10 TH 11 3 Star Strategy