GoWiPe (Golem Wizard Pekka) Attack Strategy Guide for TH10/11

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The GoWiPe war attack strategy is a very powerful composition to get 2/3 stars on max th10 and 11 bases. I have been using GoWiPe for at least a year now and it has remained very effective despite update changes. My GoWiPe strategy takes full advantage of the Earthquake spell (and clan castle spell donations). In my experience, the following composition works for almost any base.

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Troop Composition

GoWiPe Troop Composition
  • Troops – 2 Golems /3 P.E.K.K.A/2 Witch /18 Wizard /4 Wall Breaker /1 Archer

This composition is assuming that you have max level troops. You may need to bring Wall Breaker’s if yours are not at max level. I use 4 because 3 of them will take down max level walls and it gives me an extra in case they have traps or one dies. I really like including the 2 witches in my GoWiPe attacks because the skeletons will trigger some traps and soak up hits that were intended for your wizards. They are also good at getting extra % for 2 stars.

  • Clan Castle – 1 Golem/1 Wizard/1 Archer/1 Earthquake

You can play around with how you break down your army with Clan Castle donations, but my preference is having the Golem, Wiz, and archer in there. It makes it easy for me to drop them as soon as the wall breakers take down the first layer of walls. If you do not have max Witches available to train yet, you can take advantage of them in your CC (with Clan Level 5’s +1 troop level perk). For this strategy the Earthquake is necessary in your Castle. This makes it a little more difficult to get them all placed in the same area (as you have to click 2 different spells) but allows you to take an extra elixir spell.

  • Spells – 2 Rage/2 Freeze/3 Earthquake

This is my go to for GoWiPe spells. Earthquake has been my favorite addition to the game and is killer if you learn how to use it correctly. It allows you to open up a straight line to the townhall and bring whatever building you hit (storages excluded) down to 75%. On most of my hits, I will try and have the EQ open the walls that I need and bring one Inferno Tower and the Town Hall down to 75%. I also try and get the enemy clan castle troops frozen with an inferno so that they do minimal damage.

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How to Attack Using GoWiPe Strategy

My general rule of thumb for GoWiPe TH10 attacks is that I want to attack from the side that will give my troops a route that is a straight line into the town hall compartment while taking out an inferno tower and the Archer Queen. This doesn’t work for every base, but should get you 2 stars on most. Ring bases are the most difficult bases to hit with GoWiPe because if you send all of your attack force in at once they will get distracted by the ring of buildings and run around the circle instead of destroying TH, but it is possible if you can funnel correctly (as shown in example). The skills that you need to master are Earthquake placement, funneling with wizards, and spell/hero skill placement. We will use one of our client’s war attacks to demonstrate these in action.

GoWiPe Attack Strategy Base

This is a standard th10 that we have been finding in wars. With single target Inferno towers you have to be quick on your freeze’s because they can take down your high hit point units and heros in a couple seconds if you are not paying attention.

On this base we are against 1 Single Target Inferno and 1 Multi Target Inferno, so we will attack from the Single target side to take it out quickly. I have found that multi-infernos are not too difficult to take down with this strategy as the golems/pekkas/heros can take the damage for a while and keep them from melting your wizards.

GoWiPe Attack Strategy Spell Placement
  • Earthquake Placement

Again, earthquake spell placement is one of the biggest factors that will decide if your GoWiPe attack will be successful or an embarrassment. The range is 4 tiles and 4 of them will take out any level of wall. There is a big debate in the community about if the spell is worth upgrading, and I think that it is definitely worth getting for the additional building damage. On this attack, we placed it on the single inferno side (brown circle) because we want to take out the single inferno as quickly as possible, and hit some defenses and created a path that leads PEKKA’s directly to the center.

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  • Troop Placement

With your troop placement you are trying to spread your golems out to cover as many defenses as you can while leading them toward the center compartment. What I usually do is drop 2 golems with 4 wiz behind each on the sides of where I want my main force to go in. What this does is have the wizards clear the buildings on the outside and funnels the main attack force into the center. If you do not place your wizards like this, you will run into problems where your PEKKA’s will run around the base and never go inside. If wall breakers are required, I send them in at this point and send the main attack force in the hole they create. On this example, we have to open 3 areas on the wall (red X) with Wall Breakers. After a couple of seconds to give the wiz time to bring down side buildings, I drop my main attack force in this order:

  1. Clan Castle (Golem, 1 wiz, 1 archer)
  2. Heroes
  3. Witches – I drop witches at this point so that they have time to spawn their minions, and the skeletons will run ahead and guard the wizards
  4. Pekkas
  5. Remainder of wiz.
GoWiPe Attack Strategy Troop Placement
  • Spell Placement

Rage – I place my first rage inside the base at the entry point as soon as the pekkas get inside. This helps them kill the queen and clan castle troops if they haven’t already, and make their way to the center quickly. The second rage I place inside the town hall compartment as soon as the golems get there. This makes the group of pekkas run around and 1 shot most of their high hitpoint core buildings.

Freeze – With freeze, it is kind of a case by case basis. My intention is to get one inferno and the clan castle troops frozen with the first spell, get that inferno down during the freeze, and have the second freeze available for the next inferno. On single target inferno towers, you will want to freeze them about 2-3 seconds after they target one of your high HP troops (golem/pekka/heroes), as it will stop the damage multiplier. With multi-inferno towers, you want to freeze as soon as they start hitting your wizards. If both inferno towers are positioned in a way that they are touching the Town Hall, 1 perfectly placed freeze spell will hit both of them.

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  • Hero Skills

King – I usually try and use the King’s skill once he is at about 50% and inside the Town Hall compartment. Unlike the queen skill, towers targeting the king will continue attacking him after the skill is used. That is why it is very important to be smart with your freeze when facing single target infernos.

Queen– The queen skill I always try and save until she is at about 20% life and towers are targeting her. When the skill is used she will vanish and the towers will stop attacking her. At high levels, her attacks while cloaked will 1 to 2 shot buildings so it is great for getting the Town Hall down or getting the last % for a 2 or 3 star.

Warden – Since the Warden is relatively new, I have still been experimenting with the best time to use his skill. At the moment I hit it once I notice my group of wizards getting damaged down to half health. I think that it is most effective if you use it earlier and are able to keep more of your troops alive.

Final Thoughts

TH10 GoWiPe 3-star attack guide

Well that is pretty much all that you need to know to master the GoWiPe war attack strategy for Town Hall 10 and 11. Once you do enough attacks and get an eye for where the EQ should be placed, it gets to be pretty simple. This composition is my go-to for war hits, as it is adaptable to most base designs.

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