Queen Walk with Valkyrie TH11 3-Star Attack Guide

Today we bring you an attack guide using max Valkyries and the queen walk to 3-star max defense town hall 11 war bases. The highlight of the bowler update has been the changes that have been made to the Valkyrie. While she was once the red headed stepchild that nobody used, she has transformed into a force to be reckoned with. We are very happy to be partnering with The Skylian who is helping record attacks and make them into video guides.

What base will this work against?

Queen Walk Valkyrie Base

For this example we are going to show how it is used against a popular ring base layout. Valkyries work very well against bases that have open layouts without too many compartments.

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What Troops/Spells Do I Use?

Heroes – This is a very hero dependent strategy, so you will need max or close to max heroes for this to work.

4x Healer – 4 healers are standard to support a queen walk.

6x Wall Breaker – Wall Breaker count will fluctuate depending on what level walls they have. You will need your wall breakers to open up 2 different areas so be sure to bring enough.

9x Wizard – Your wizards are going to be used to support your king team, and hopefully live long enough to support your Valks in the second phase.

17x Valkyrie – Your Valks are going to be your main attack force, so you want to have a good chunk of them. We have found that 17 to 20 works well.

1x Golem and 1x Giant (Clan Castle) – We are going to bring a golem and a giant in our clan castle to support the King kill squad.

4x Earthquake – We are usually bringing 3 earthquakes in our spell factory and a final one in our clan castle donations. 4 will open up any level of wall

1x Jump – Going to be used to get the King into the base to clear his side of the funnel

3x Rage – One rage is used for the queen and healers, the other 2 will be for our valkyrie attack force.

How do I Attack with this Strategy?

Queen Walk Valkyrie th11 3 star attack guide

Just like our Queen Walk and GoWiWi strategy, this attack is going to be split into 2 phases; the Hero teams to create the funnel and then the main Valkyrie attack rush.

As with any attack, I usually like to start it out by placing the Earthquakes. On this base we are using the Earthquakes to open up the center compartment and damage the inferno.

Once the Earthquakes are placed, we are going to start the battle with our Queen Walk. We are going to place the queen at the south corner of the base and open up that compartment with a few wall breakers. Her goal is to destroy those resource buildings that are touching the walls to the core. Once these are down, the funnel is created.

While the Queen Walk is in action, we are also going to drop our King kill squad on the opposite side to create a funnel there. First we open up the compartment with wall breakers. Once that is down, we will place our Golem, Barbarian King, and Wizards with a Jump spell to get them into the base. They have the same goal as the Archer Queen, to take out those buildings touching the core and create the funnel.

Once the funnel is created, we are going to send in the main Valkyrie attack squad down the middle with the Grand Warden. Since the Valkyries run quickly, you are going to need to make sure that you get the Grand Warden Ability off before they run out of his aura range. Place rages in the core and the Valks should have it cleared out in a few moments.

Once the rages are down you are going to sit back and watch the carnage. If the Queen Walk was done properly she should be alive the entire fight and clean up the remaining buildings to get the 100% 3-Star!

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Final Thoughts

With this recent update, Valkyries have become a very fun unit to use in your attacks. Please check our our Clash of Clans Coaching Sessions if you would like to master compositions like this Valkyrie one and many more by working one-on-one with one of our experienced trainers.