Best Princess and Pekka Deck for Royal Arena and Beyond

I was lucky enough to get a Princess in my second magical chest once I hit Royal Arena (2,000 trophies) and we have been working to find the best deck for her. This deck has given me a fighting chance against any type of deck that I face, and I am even beating people 2 levels higher than me. I hope that you have the same results. After many adjustments, I believe that I have created the perfect deck here.

Best Princess and Pekka Deck Clash Royale

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The Deck

Best Princess Pekka Dark Prince Deck Clash Royale
  • Pekka – This is your main pushing unit. Pekka is amazing because you can either place her back behind the King castle and reinforce her with your splash units (princess and dark prince) as she slowly walks to the bridge, or you can place her in front of your tower and defend from high damage units like a double prince rush then turn that defend into a push.
  • Dark Prince – I have been playing around with both dark prince and Valkyrie in this slot, but figured out a neat trick that makes dark prince so much more useful. When you are creating a huge push by starting pekka in the back of the base you can drop the Dark Prince right behind her and his charge speed will push the pekka across the map much quicker. It is awesome when someone underestimates your Pekka and tries to push the opposite side and you push her across the map with dark prince and take their tower before their push makes it past your bridge.

    Dark Prince is great for backing up your Pekka on pushes because of the splash damage. He can take out groups of low hp units with one hit, and can take down groups of higher HP units during a zap or freeze.

  • Hog Rider – I always include Hog Rider in my deck because he is probably one of the most efficient elixir for damage units in the game. You can use him to help clear out towers that are placed in the center of their base that would distract Pekka. He helps take out the biggest threat for your Pekka, Inferno Tower. You can also use hog and spear goblins to put pressure on and deal a lot of damage to an undefended lane.
  • Princess – Princess is a force to be reckoned with. For 3 elixir you get a constant stream of arrows that will take out low elixir swarm units with one shot, and even brings minion hordes down to a sliver of health. Since she is able to attack the tower from the other side of the river it forces your opponent to use elixir to take her out.
  • Spear Goblins – I chose spear goblins over regular goblins because there aren’t many units that can attack air in this deck. Spear goblins are extremely versatile. You can place them in the middle of your base to lure attackers into getting hit by both towers. They do a lot of damage if they aren’t being targeted so you can send them in behind your hog and take down towers quickly if they overspend to defend from your pekka push. Overall they are a great card to have in any deck.
  • Zap – I was very late getting into the zap game but once I did it filled a lot of holes in my deck. I am falling more in love with it every day. For 2 elixir you get almost as much damage as arrows, with an instant cast time, and a 1 second stun to top it all off. It is amazing for offense or defense. You can stop hog+goblin rushes very easily with it. You can compliment your hog and goblin rushes on their side with it. You can reset Inferno Tower build-ups and make towers change their targets. The possibilities are endless.

    I had used arrows in this slot for a while and it got me up to 2,800 but it would sit unused in my hand a lot of the time unless I was up against minion horde. Even against minion horde they would take my pekka down before the arrows made it across the map. Switching to Zap made a world of a difference

  • Freeze – Freeze is hands down the best card in the game right now. A 5+ second stun with a large area of effect for 4 elixir is insane. If you can get your pekka push to their tower and get a freeze down its pretty much a guaranteed crown. I also like when I am going for 3 crown that you can freeze the opposite tower and the King castle with 1 spell.
  • Elixir Collector – Elixir collector is amazing as well, another one of my favorites. If you are able to get it in your first hand you can get it down and force your opponent to go on the offense first. I like placing mine in the middle of my field far enough forward so that it will distract any pekka, giant, golem that comes my way. Elixir collector is something that I always want to have up, because it gives me an elixir generating advantage and can help defend from any attack. It is killer in the final minute when you get double elixir as well.

    Elixir Collector Placement

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The Strategy

Now you can start the battle off in many different ways depending on what you are dealt in the beginning.

Elixir Collector – If I ever have elixir collector in my first hand then I am placing that first. I usually wait until the elixir bar almost gets to 10 then drop it. If people aren’t quick enough then I can sometimes get an elixir advantage there. Once you place the collector wait and see how they respond.

If they push you can usually defend from it without using much elixir with your spear goblins, zap, princess, or dark prince. Once you have defended from the push, you can turn your defensive squad into a counter push by placing a hog in front of them, or you can place your Pekka far back on your map and build a big push that way. If you can keep the elixir collector up and get a big pekka push going then you will be sending a 14+ elixir push at them that is pretty hard to defend from.

PEKKA – If you have a pekka in your first hand and not an elixir, I usually try to see what they are going to do before placing any card. If they place something like a collector or defense that forces you on the offensive first then I place the pekka behind my castle and start the push.

Once you place your pekka you gotta watch and see how they react. Wait until your elixir bar is close to full before dropping any of the units to back her up, because if you blindly overspend on that lane they can drop a double prince or hog attack and take out your undefended lane pretty quickly.  If they are placing units to defend on their side, I will back up my pekka with a Dark Prince (make sure that you place this directly behind her so that he will help push her) and princess.

Pekka, Dark Prince, and Princess should be able to take out anything that they throw at you if you compliment them with a freeze spell or a zap. Hog I will send in if they place any buildings in the middle to distract my push, or you can send him and spear goblins on the opposite side if your push is going very well so that you take 2 towers out at once.

If your PEKKA push is successful and you take out a tower, start another one on the same lane. Start her back at your castle again and build up your push like we did before, but now that the tower is down you can place troops on the other side of the river to help take out any of their defense. If you can cycle through your cards quickly and get back to your Pekka, you can get another one placed on their side of the river by the time your first Pekka makes it over there. It is very hard for them to defend from 2 pekkas, dark prince, princess and freeze.

Hog Rider – If you don’t have Elixir collector or Pekka in your first hand, I usually like to watch what the opponent does then do a hog rider and spear goblin rush. It should help you take some damage out of their tower, sometimes kill it, and cycle through a few cards so that hopefully you have pekka or elixir collector to use next.

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Final Thoughts

If you play smart and pay attention you should have no problem pushing pretty far with this Princess and Pekka deck. Overall it is one of the most fun decks that I have used, and I haven’t found too many weaknesses with it. It will take some practice learning when the best time is to start your pekka push and the balance between defending and offense, but this deck gives you the tools to succeed.