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Farming Guide: How to Fill your Storages in a Few Hours at Any Townhall Level


Clash of Clans Farming Guide

I started my adventure with Clash of Clans in February 2015 and have already farmed myself up to a Mid-Townhall 10 with 203 level 12 walls (the rest are level 10/11 and on their way) and 30/28 heroes. I have tried many different troops compositions for multiplayer mode and eventually found one that is the most efficient and quickest way to fill up all gold and elixir storages in less then 3 hours.

In this guide I will try to share my know how of everything you should know about farming in multiplayer mode


First of all you have to know how to read enemy base with all collectors and storages

– Collectors

There are most important buildings for you to look at while farming when you want to gain big amount of resources in short time.
We have 12 lvls of gold and pink elixir collectors and 6 lvls of dark elixir collectors( drills)
Highest level collectors provide the biggest capacity of each one and of course offer more loot for us. You are able to loot 50% of what is sitting in the Gold and Pink Elixir collectors, and 75% of what is sitting in Dark Elixir collectors.

Clash of Clans Farming Guide Clash of Clans Farming Guide Clash of Clans Farming Guide

Each collector have his own capacity level and it’s very important to know how to read that capacity. On the picture below in black circle are the spots you have to look at when you checking how much resources are inside

Clash of Clans Farming Guide
Clash of Clans Farming Guide
Clash of Clans Farming Guide

Recognizing how many resources are in each collector will tell you if is worth to raid them or not. Below example with couple of collectors filled up with different lvl capacity available to loot.

Clash of Clans Farming Guide
Clash of Clans Farming Guide


Second thing that you looking at while farming are storages. Their model and level will tell you how many resources are available inside
Same as with collectors we have 12 lvls of gold and pink elixir storages and 6 lvls of dark elixir storage

Clash of Clans Farming Guide Clash of Clans Farming Guide Clash of Clans Farming Guide

Troop Compositions

Clash of clans farming guide

As I said at the beginning I tried many different types of troops composition but from town hall 7 all the way to town hall 10 I was using BArch (barbarians and archers) plus 12-14 hogs as a support and couple of wall breakers to make sure my troops will funnel to the middle for storages.

Barchs are the cheapest troops in all game so our ROI from them is very high.
Many ppl choosing Giants instead hogs, but for me during farm the most important is time and once I have all barracks producing troops, I can fill up my camps quicker which mean I can make more attacks per hour.
Also this troop composition gives me more opportunities to raid many different base layouts as if I’m going for collectors then only deploying barchs and if I want to get inside enemy base for storages then also deploying hogs and wall breakers.

In clan castle when I was th7/th8 I used to ask for wizards and once I started having heros with decent  lvl on th9/th10 – I’m always asking for healers

SPELLS (4 Heals/1 Rage/1 Poison)

I keep all spells just in case when I’m going for collectors and storages, but with farming just collectors you shouldn’t have to deploy any of them


With this strategy you don’t worry about trophies, even if you lose- you only care about how much loot you got. You can farm in any league, however you looking mostly for inactive bases so best place for that is in silver/gold no matter on your current town hall lvl. Also silver/gold is the best place to protect your resources once you have decent amount of them collected because 90% of players there are “farmers” only looking for collectors. Other then that, in high league you can expect visitors with war troops composition in your base as soon as you close app.


Like I said this troops composition lets me go for two types of attack

1. When going only for collectors then using only barchs. All I’m doing with that strategy is sniping collectors. Deploying 4-5 barbarians straight next to collector I wanna raid and right after behind barbarians back 5-6 archers so once barbarians are soaking all hits from defensive buildings – archers can take all goodies from collector, if two or tree collectors are next to each other then I’m using 2, 3 or 4 fingers to deploy troops same time. After all resources from collectors are taken, you quit the battle and move to next one. The name of the game is efficiency, you want to use as little troops as possible because every troop that you drop will impact your bottom line profit. When attacking like this, you should be able to attack non-stop without any downtime. Queue up your barracks and start searching for bases when you are at about 60-70% camp space and return to your bases every 5 or 10 NEXT’s to add the troops that finished building to your arsenal. The Next button will be your best friend, just keep searching until you find good inactive collector bases.

2. Once in a while when you looking for farming bases, in addition to full collectors you will find full storages as well and it is especially profitable when they in the middle of base but close to each other. That’s when I decide to use my hogs. So first if is possible I’m luring troops from enemy clan castle then eliminating them in the corner with archers or if clan castle is in the middle then I’m using two poison spells on troops who come out later during battle.
I’m dropping hogs just to take out first layer of the defensive buildings so my barchs and King can go to the middle of base ( wall breakers helping make the path as well)
To help hogs survive longer I’m placing 1 or 2 heal spells on them depending how far they went, all I need is them to take out first layout of defensive buildings and to keep busy second layout of def buildings so my kill squad can walk through without being interrupted.
Another 2 heals and 1 rage spell I’m drop in the middle of action when heros with barchs are inside base close to town hall so they have time to clean all storages.

EXAMPLE #1 (only collectors)

Clash of clans farming guide Clash of clans farming guide Clash of clans farming guide

EXAMPLE #2 (storages)

Clash of Clans Farming Guide Clash of Clans Farming Guide Clash of Clans Farming Guide Clash of Clans Farming Guide Clash of Clans Farming Guide Clash of Clans Farming Guide Clash of Clans Farming Guide


This strategy work for every town hall lvl and it can bring to you insane amount of loot in short time period which you can constantly keep busy all your workers as well as improve your wall lvl to slow down enemy

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