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TH9 to TH10 Upgrade Order Guide

Are you wondering if it is the right time to hit upgrade on your town hall from level 9 to 10? This guide should answer some questions for you and help you make that decision and give you a th10 upgrade order

Should I Upgrade?

As the game updates keep coming and loot gets slimmer and slimmer at high levels of play, it is extremely important that you upgrade your town hall at the right time. Supercell keeps punishing players that rush townhall upgrades, so you should try and max out as much as possible before hitting the button. I believe that you should stay at TH9 until you have met the following conditions:

  • Max Level Defense – You should not even consider hitting the upgrade button until all of your defenses are max for th9. With the shield changes, you need to be able to hold your own to stop other players from raiding you dry. It gets much harder to farm at th10, so make sure that you don’t have to play catch up when you get there.
  • All Walls to Lego (level 9) – Walls are very easy to farm while you are th9, so you should get them as high as you can at this stage of the game. Once you get to th10 it will be another 4-6 months (depending on play style) until you will be able to work on walls again. I moved up from 9 to 10 when I had skull (level 8) walls and always regretted it.
  • Heroes to 20 (Max if you can) – I would highly recommend getting both of your heroes to 30 while you are at th9, but you can jump the gun at 20 and it is manageable. TH9 is the perfect place to stay for a while and grind out your heroes and walls to good levels. With level 30 heroes as a new th10, farming and wars will be much easier for you. For queen upgrading, I got tired of having her sit out for a week every level and bought 14,000 gems just to speed up the upgrade times and its the best decision I made in this game. Having queen up all the time makes everything easier.
  • Max Troop/Spell Levels – Make sure that you have all of your lab upgrades complete for the army and spells that you use. Some units such as goblin and Valkyrie I never use, so I didn’t worry about getting them max before moving up.

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Upgrade Preparations

Once you max out your base and hit the upgrade to th10, you have 12 days to prepare before it finishes. During this time, you should:

  • Fill up Storage – This is a no-brainer. Farm enough to fill up your storages before the upgrade finishes.
  • Fill up Clan Castle War Loot – Make sure that you have the max amount of war loot saved in your clan castle. What this does is pretty much put you 2 million over the cap, so you have 10 million of each to spend on the new buildings and upgrades.
  • Time Builders to End with TH Upgrade – Make sure that all of your active builders finish before your town hall does. You want to have all of your builders available once the upgrade completes.
  • Build up Collectors the Day Before Upgrade Finishes – I bought a 1 day shield when I had a day left on my upgrade, so that my collectors could fill up and put me over the cap.

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Gold Priorities

This is the building upgrade order that I used. I have to disclaim that it is more of a farming focused upgrade list, as we are getting some of the highest weighted defenses for war match ups first. I personally never had a problem in wars upgrading like this, but would just like you to be informed. Also for wars, you probably want to get the air defenses much sooner, probably after wiz towers.

  1. Inferno Towers – You should use your gold to get both inferno towers up as quick as possible. Once you have them building, you can place them on your war map and they will work. You should have 2 builders upgrading Infernos until they are both max.
  2. Clan Castle – This is the only thing that costs gold and benefits your offense.
  3. X-Bows – When I first got to th10 I was skeptical about upgrading Xbows to max because the dps increase is so minimal. However, the investment has paid off. The last level of Xbow is one of the highest building HP increases available, so enemies will need to do more damage in your core to take everything out.
  4. Tesla – I really like tesla’s because they are pretty easy to farm for and do a lot of damage. Max tesla has the highest single target damage per second that attacks both ground and air. You will also be getting attacked by GoWiPe in wars and teslas help take them down quick.
  5. Wizard Towers – I like Wiz towers because they will help you take down groups of Balloons and Wiz/Witches. They also target both ground and air.
  6. Archer Towers – Even though they have 2 levels that you have to upgrade, I think Archer towers are your next best investment. At max they do 1 less damage per second than teslas, and also hit both ground and air.
  7. Giant Bomb/Skeleton Traps – I think that giant bombs are worth getting at this point because the max level increases the range of the blast. They are cheap and easy to build and should help out in wars. Skeleton traps are also worth upgrading, because the skeletons will distract enemy troops when you are getting attacked.
  8. Cannon – I consider cannons the “Hero Killers”. I would get these up before Air tower/Mortar because everyone is going to use heroes on you in war. If cannons target them, they take them down quick.
  9. Mortar – Mortar upgrades should help you more for farming than war. They are more the anti-barch (barbarian archer) then anything.
  10. Air Defense – I save air defense until the end, because I don’t get attacked by air much. You can move it above Giant Bombs if you are getting attacked by air a lot.
  11. Traps – Finish up your traps once all of the other building upgrades are done. I think that giant bomb and skeletons are the most important to get up first.

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Elixir Priorities

  1. Lab/Spell Factory – If you do it correctly, you should be able to get the Lab and Spell factory upgraded at the same time as soon as your Town Hall 10 finishes. These are your most important elixir investments.
  2. Army Camps – I know that it is difficult to juggle both elixir troop upgrades and Army Camps, but you should try your best to get all of your camps max as soon as possible. The extra 20 troop spaces will make a huge difference in your attacks, and should allow you to 3 star any th9’s.
  3. Troop Upgrades – This is hard to lay out what you should do, because everybody has a different play style. I think that Golem should be the first troop that you upgrade because it takes dark elixir, which will allow you to use elixir on army camps. Next I would max out your Wizards and Pekkas, as they will improve your GoWiWi that you were probably using at th9, and opens up GoWiPe for you. After that it all depends on what your play style is and what you use.

I hope that this guide cleared up any questions that you have about if you should make the jump to TH10.

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