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Our core group of players have been Clashing together for about 3 years, and have had our own clan since July 2014. Right now we are level 8 with 120 wins and average about an 85% win ratio. I would consider us to be a pretty solid war clan now, but it wasn’t always that way. As everyone does at the beginning, we struggled for a while to find out what would make us consistently successful at wars. I distinctly remember back in 2014 when we thought that the best way to attack was just massing dragons at every TH level, needless to say we lost a lot. We have been through those growing pains and figured out a couple of components and changes that we have made to really catapult our success at Clan Wars. I am not saying that we are the best clan alive and that you need to follow our guidelines to be great as well, but just wanted to outline some of the factors that have made the biggest impact on our clan and hopefully you get some ideas that you can incorporate into your own.

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Know Your Members

How to lead your clan to more war wins

I believe that this is the most critical factor in determining if your clan wars will be successful or not. You need to know every one of your members attacking abilities and limitations like the back of your hand.

Your goal should be to get as many 3 stars in as possible with first hits. We learned this the hard way. For the longest time we would just have everybody hit equals, because we thought we were so good and weren’t afraid of them. Once we started having our consistent top attackers take 2 of the top bases themselves and having the rest attack down, our war win % skyrocketed. (Example: Jim, Bob, and Ashley are your top 3 consistent th10/11 attackers. We would have Jim attack #1 and #2, Bob attack #3 and #4, and Ashley attack #5 and #6. The rest of the clan would attack 3 down.) The majority of your clan should be able to 3 star their targets in the first hit when they are hitting down, so you drastically reduce the amount of hits required to clean up.

Second hits should be called by your designated caller, and they should take the attackers limitations into consideration. If you follow the above strategy, you shouldn’t have too many mid/bot bases to clean up. You want to make sure that you have your lowest possible person that is able to 3 star that base to be assigned to cleaning it up.

Use a Third-Party Messaging App

I think that this should be obvious and really hope that every clan out there is already doing this, but you need to use a third-party application to handle your communications. The in-game chat is abysmal and will get you nowhere. We have been using LINE for years and love it, but there are many others out there that will work (whatsapp, kik, facebook messenger, etc).

This is important for a variety of reasons:

  • Post Pictures and Segregate Chat Topics – You need to be able to post pictures to help your members figure out how to attack their targets. What we do is have a separate chat group that is just for attack strategies and have members post bases that they cant figure out in there. One of our experienced players then will draw up whatever attack plan that is the most effective directly on the picture and send it back. You can then talk about the strategy and help everybody understand the process. I would recommend having this separate from your general chat group, as you will eventually have an archive of strategies saved in this room that people can look back at and reference. We also have a LINE chat that has albums of every one of our war attack results with the results screen and our clans attack log. This has been really nice to be able to look back and see the progression that has been made with everyone’s attacking ability. It also helps us gauge new guys and figure out what targets they are best suited for.
  • Officer Chat – I think that it is very important to have a separate chat group for officers and leaders. You need to be able to talk to your officers about who to include/exclude in the war, who should hit what on their first hits, who should hit what on cleanup hits, etc. If you try and do all of this in a chat with all of your members, you are going to confuse people and probably hurt some peoples feelings.
  • Clan Culture – Having a chat outside of the game really helps develop your clan culture. We only became a Clan in Clash because our core group had played Spartan Wars together in the past and kept in touch on LINE. A lot of our recruiting comes through LINE as well, as our members are in chat groups for other games that they play and meet people that want to be in our clan.

Pick the Best Bracket for Your Clan

How to lead your clan to more war wins

This is like knowing your members abilities and limitations, but for your clan as a whole. I believe that the best practice is to figure out what bracket (10v10, 20v20, etc.) your members excel at and stick with it. You want to be able to say “we have good enough players that we will be able to face any equal match up in x vs. x and win.” For example, our sweet spot is the 20v20 bracket. That’s not saying that we cant win in other brackets, but when we venture out of 20v20 we get in situations where we really shouldn’t have won but got lucky that the other clan sucks at attacking. General rule of thumb for us is that we want all of the TH11s 2 starred, TH10s 2 or 3 starred, and every TH9 and below has to be 3’d. Find a bracket that you guys can clear your map like this every war and you should do well.

When we get in a situation where lets say 22 people are green, we would just talk within our officer group and figure out who should sit out this war. If we have 18 or 19 green, we have a couple of low level alts at the bottom that we can throw in to start the matchmaking.

Don’t War Without Queen

One of the major decisions that we made that had an immediate impact on our war results was banning th10+ from warring without their heroes. We have found that some people can still do decent with their king down, but the queen is necessary. I know that it is really boring and lame to have to do this, but I don’t see SuperCell changing their policies about hero availability in wars when upgrading anytime soon. They make way too much money from people gemming hero time to make it a smart business decision to change it. We have found that TH9 and below can still be effective in cleaning up without their heroes, but TH10s weigh too much and you put yourself at a disadvantage by trying.

How to lead your clan to win more wars!

Everybody Needs to be a Team Player

You need to create a clan culture where everybody is motivated by the growth of your team rather than being motivated by growth of their own bases. Selfishness when it comes to war attacks should never be tolerated. What I mean by this is someone thinking its perfectly fine to just attack a high target for loot rather than cleaning up a lower target that has stars available when the war is far from over.

We just lost a war because our #5 attacked their #5 that was already 2 starred and he had no chance at 3 instead of hitting #12 or #13 for the extra star. We were at the point where it was very close that we would win the tie, and ended up losing by 1 star. Needless to say, he wont be in any other wars in the near future. Everyone has to realize that nobody gets decent loot if you don’t win. Bite the bullet and take a smaller loot target if it means getting stars.

How to lead your clan to more war wins

Final Thoughts

I think that these components are what took us from a mediocre <50% war win clan to a successful >80% war win clan. Most of the techniques will take time to implement and you may have some growing pains, but nobody will be complaining when you start winning way more wars. I hope that you learned something that can make you a better leader and bring your Clan to the next level. Check out our 3 Star War Academy, it is guaranteed to improve your war attacks!